Custom A.I SDR Built for Business

Transform your sales playbook into a fully automated sales force.

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A trained AI SDR that follows your sales playbook meticulously.


More qualified leads

Compared with a human BDR


Lower cost

Compared with hiring a human BDR


More conversion

Reaching out through email

Automate Your Sales Success with DealightAI

Convert Your Sales Playbook

Transform your sales instructions into a trained AI SDR. From keywords to detailed sales processes.

Automated Lead Qualification

Our AI conducts real time research through company's websites, Linkedin, job hiring data, social media, fundraising data and many other sources using your instructions and qualifies leads automatically, ensuring high-quality prospects that match your criteria.

Relevant outreach messaging

With in-depth and real time research, Our AI crafts personalized messages based on the current and relevant information it finds, referencing sales instructions you provide to maintain consistency.

24/7 Operation at Scale

Run your sales process round the clock with full automation from research to outreach, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Start building your own AI SDR

Check - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
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